• Only 1 out of 25 women consider themselves beautiful!*

    *) A study from The Dove Global Beauty and Confidence Report
    Do you wish that you could stop feeling not good enough because you don't look like the typical 'pretty' girl out there?
    Or perhaps you wish that you could be happier and have more confidence with your body and life?
    Or maybe you want to find the answer on what's the ideal food and health regime for you?
    All of that can be answered through understanding your Ayurvedic mind/body type!
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    This is where Ayurveda can help!

    The core principle of this 5,000 years old healing system is that everyone is born unique and different, including the different beauty personalities that we're all gifted with.


    This is all because our body is perfectly designed with one purpose: enabling us to achieve our dreams and purpose in life.


    While a skinnier-Vata woman is more ecstatic and easy to adapt, an athletic-Pitta woman is more goal-oriented and full of passion, and a voluptuous-Kapha woman is more nurturing and loving.

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    • The ideal diet, exercise, and lifestyle for you
    • The compatibility with your loved ones
    • The right career for you
    • And sooo much more




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