For our bi-annual Holistic Beauty Detox.


    Next date: August 2021.

  • "I've been learning and applying Ayurvedic practices since 2018 and received so many benefits. But the Holistic Beauty Detox that Zia created took my health state to another level that I never thought was possible."

    ~ Philida Thea, Content Marketing Executive, Bali

    "After the 7-day detox, I was shocked to acknowledge that I went closer to the ideal body weight (first time since university years!), and completely changed my snacking pattern (never thought that this was possible)."

    ~ Aisha Marzuki, Researcher, Jakarta

    "The home detox program is life-changing! Not only it affects me tremendously in the physical level, I also grew so much as a person from this process. Thank you so much, Zia, for creating the program and sharing your knowledge."

    ~ Ratu Rikfi, Lawyer, Jakarta