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    A 7-day Ayurvedic detox program to help reset your digestion, balance your weight, kick start your energy, and bring glow to your skin!

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    An online course where you'll learn the A-Z of holistic beauty. From mental & emotional health, to nutrition & holistic skincare regime.


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  • "I've been learning and applying Ayurvedic practices since 2018 and received so many benefits. But the Holistic Beauty Detox that Zia created took my health state to another level that I never thought was possible."

    ~ Philida Thea, Content Marketing Executive, Bali for Holistic Beauty Detox

    "After the 7-day detox, I was shocked to acknowledge that I went closer to the ideal body weight (first time since university years!), and completely changed my snacking pattern (never thought that this was possible)."

    ~ Aisha Marzuki, Researcher, Jakarta for Holistic Beauty Detox

    "The home detox program is life-changing! Not only it affects me tremendously in the physical level, I also grew so much as a person from this process. Thank you so much, Zia, for creating the program and sharing your knowledge."

    ~ Ratu Rikfi, Lawyer, Jakarta for Holistic Beauty Detox

    "I was suffering for more than 10 years with a very strong allergy on my hands, fingertips and inside my palms. Many Skin doctors, many creams- nothing really helped. Mixing 2 drops of Ayuritual's Pitta essential oil bend with 5 ml of Almond Oil... my hands are now healed!"

    ~ Sheela Reinelt, Yoga Teacher, Germany for Ayuritual's product


    "I never knew how to love and thank my body until I learn Abhyanga from Ayurvedic wisdom. It's the art of self-love through massage, where I use a mixture of Ayuritual's Vata essential oil blend and carrier oil. Not only this has transformed my dry skin to a smooth one, I also feel more loved."

    ~ Ratih Handayani, Interior Designer​, Bandung for Ayuritual's product

    "The Ayuritual's Kapha essential oil blend saved me from a dry cough and congested lungs that I'd been experiencing for weeks. One steam bath and my breathing was cleared out in seconds, I felt so relieved! After using the steam bath with the blend for 2 days, my cough was completely gone."

    ~ Gadis Azahra, Award Winner Changemaker, Bandung for Ayuritual's product

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