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Zero to Hero: Turning My Challenges to Be My Best Gifts

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Many of you might not know that I struggle and have challenge on expressing myself through speaking.

If you know me as I’m today and talked to me in person, you wouldn’t guess that I often stressed out because I found it hard to express my thoughts to other people without speaking too fast, which often ended up mumbling.

I still remember clearly how my brother expressed his difficulty to understand what I said because I spoke too fast :/

The challenge is not ended there; I’m ‘blessed’ to be surrounded by people who are difficult to be convinced.

My father is my communication nightmare because he’s so stubborn (I guess that’s where I got my stubbornness from :) ), and it’s really difficult to convince him on the things that I believe/wanted to do. Living with him is like a life training to sharpen my communication and diplomacy skill.

Funnily, I also married a man who is not easy to be convinced as well!

From one phase to the next phase, I’m still learning the same topic: communication.

I can easily see it as a curse for having challenge with my speech, or I can instead see it as my best teacher.

There are two types of teacher/learning experience: the uplifting, fun and has a vibrant energy learning experience; and there’s also other type of teacher that is serious, stretch us out of the comfort zone in a way that often isn’t comfortable, demand hard work, and not fun at all.

One is like kindergarten teacher; and the other is like high school algebra teacher.

And this communication challenge isn’t a fun experience at all. My mind move so fast that I found talking is challenging and useless because it’s not fully expressing my mind. When I’m too lazy to talk, I even would just make noises lol. My husband should made ‘Zia’s Noise Dictionary', as he understand the meaning behind my noises :)

But just like everything in this world that happen because of a reason, deep in my heart I know that I need to be an expert of speech. I have a calling to share a message that I truly believe in to many people, and if I don’t master my speech skill, I wouldn’t be able to fulfill my purpose.

There are many inspiring people in this world that achieve their success after they conquer they biggest challenge:

Frida Kahlo: polio at the age of six and due to this problem her right leg remained thinner than the left.
Nick Vujicic: a man with no limbs who teaches people how to get up.
Stephen Hawking: severely disabled by motor neuron disease.
Stevie Wonder: musician, singer and songwriter who was born blind.
Vincent Van Gogh: suffered from depression and was admitted to psychiatric hospital.
And many more others!

If they can overcome their challenges, I can do it too. Which means, you can do it too :)

I dedicate this week blog post for all ‘Pemuda-Pemudi’ Indonesia. We need young generation who can conquer their own challenge before going out to the world and conquer the world.

Because again, all change comes from within.


The mumbling Zia :)

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