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When Life Messed around with Your Plan, Here's the 5 Words Mantra to Bring Yourself Back Up.

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If there were one principle that I want to live my life with, that would be…

“I'm open to all possibility”.
That might sounds cliché, but here’s the truth: we can never know where life will take us. No matter how perfect our plans are, life loves to give surprise.

I used to plan my way to become a diplomat, yet I'm teaching and sharing about wellness and balanced living now.

I used to say that I would never go to Australia (I have a tendency of not wanting to go to places where most people usually go), and I did. And perhaps I might live there in the future.

I even used to say that I don’t want to have boyfriend and even getting married, AND I DID! In fact, I got married pretty young compare to many friends of mine.

The truth is, life is full of surprise. We will never know where it will bring us. We think that if we plan certain things, then it will take us to certain goal, but often, we ended up in a total different situation.


Let’s put it into example with my life.

I wanted to be a diplomat.

So I planned every stepping stones that I needed to take to help me achieve that goal.

I went to law school and learnt international law; I learnt foreign languages (French, and I even learnt Turkish in Turkey for 2 months); I joined international student organization; but here I am now… advocating about wellness and balanced living.

In a glance, it doesn’t seem very correlated with my first goal.

What can be frustrating is when we are sooo attached with our goal and obsessed with our plan, but when things go out of our plan, we become cray cray :/

And as if things can’t go more wrong, along the way to reach this goal, we often ‘burnt’ our own body, and the friends and family around us because we’ve been abandoned them.

The moral story to this is that...

Nothing is good or bad about having a goal that we want to achieve. That’s actually the thing that makes us continue to strive and passionate about life. It’s just often, we lost ourselves on the game that we create, and blind with the other opportunities that life has to offer.

Sometimes we’re too focus on the goal that we think is what good for us, but don’t let ourselves stay in the present moment and open with all opportunity and goodness that life has gifted us.

Come back to my goal to become a diplomat and instead I'm now advocating about wellness and balanced living, I'm actually in a much better situation than I ever dreamt of. My 'WHY' and reason on becoming a diplomat is so that I can travel the world for free and help people that I come across. And in this lifetime, at least now, the universe conspires to make me travel the world in a much better way: traveling and helping people together with my husband :)


I trust that the universe will bring the best thing into my life.

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Who ever thought that I would witness the beauty of this part of the world (Turkey), when I was just 20 y.o., with my own effort?


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