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Life Problems: One Rule to Quickly Get out of It

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When life gets hard or we face some challenges, the easiest way is to - of course - don’t take a responsibility for it. Simply blame others.

Blaming others felt like the quickest way to get out of any difficult situation.

Jobless? Must be I’m too old to find a job.

Got a bad mark at school? Must be because the teacher gave a difficult question.

Came late to a meeting? Must be because of the traffic jam.

Got lung cancer? Must be because my father who smoke at home and introduced it to me.

Got a dull skin? Must be because of pollution.

Escaping the Misery.

For many other life situations, many of us are so accustomed of looking for the shortcut to feel better; to escape the misery of our own problem.

We often forgot that there’s always a meaning behind everything; that there’s always an underlying issue that we often try to put aside because we always want to see ourselves as a perfect creation.

Yet, we forgot that nothing is perfect.


A Deeper Meaning behind Everything.

We forgot that everything that we experience in life – good or bad from our human perspective – try to teach us something. And life, as we always know, works in its own mysterious way.

At the end, life always wants for us to evolve and help us realise our true potential.

Sometimes it works through a happy-uplifting ways of learning, and sometimes through hard work, challenges, and setbacks.


Simple Rule to Solve ANY Life Problems.

Therefore, one rule that will help us to quickly get out of any life challenges, is simply to check in with ourselves, and judge ourselves (not others): how can I improve myself so this situation wouldn’t happen again in the future.

Now if we look back to the example of life problems earlier and see from the other perspective, you can see not only we will get out the problem and the misery quicker, but we will also evolve ourselves closer to our highest super human potential.

Jobless? I guess I haven’t tried my best to find the right job for me.

Get a bad mark at school? I guess I haven’t study enough.

Came late to a meeting? I guess I didn’t estimate it well enough, which also include possible traffic jam.

Got a lung cancer? I guess I didn’t have enough will power to avoid something that I know isn’t good for me.

Got a dull skin? I guess I didn’t take care myself enough on the food that I put in my body.

I know that it’s not easy to put this into practice. But only through practice, we can achieve anything, even the impossible.


So here’s your simple self-practice.

Anytime there’s a difficult situation happened in your life, ask your self the 5W:

  1. Why?
  2. Why?
  3. Why?
  4. Why?
  5. Why?

Example. I got a toothache:

  1. Why I got a toothache? Because I have hole on my molar.
  2. Why I got a hole on my tooth? Because there’s bacteria on it.
  3. Why there’s a bacteria on my teeth? Because I rarely brush my teeth before bed.
  4. Why I rarely brush my teeth before bed? Because I don’t want to go to the bathroom when I feel like lying on my bed before sleep.
  5. Why I don’t want to go to the bathroom to brush my teeth? Because I feel lazy.

If you do this 5W exercise right, you will get down to the right answer that will help you to evolve from any challenges. In the example above, the laziness apparently is the source of the problem.

Yep, I know, putting it into practice is always the hardest part. But who wants to continuously experience misery and sadness in their life?


Zia (and Kimmana who inspired me with the 5 WHY exercise)

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