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Simple Exercise to Accept and Love Ourselves Wholeheartedly

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One time, I had someone came up to me and said that I'm not being myself, that I'm not authentic.

Yes, I can be a fire-y go-getter person when I talk about business, enthusiastic and entertaining when I talk to close friend, present myself in more serious manner when I speak in front of people (especially when I share about wellness), so… which one actually is the ‘real’ Zia?

To be honest, I found this question funny.

Why funny?

Well, simply because… I’m everything.

Just like an actor who can play many characters and going deep in that certain personality, every human being is gifted with different layers of personality and characters that they can play with.

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I'm a master of weird face expressions.

If we relate this character with the 5 Elements of Ayurveda, these multi personalities of ours can look like this:

Ether Element: Our spiritual, still, non-attached, and mindful part of us

Air Element: Our individual mind as human, intelligence, humorous, and if it’s imbalance can make us worry and anxious about things easily

Fire Element: Our focus, go-getter side, which can turned to be anger and impatience if this fire element is imbalance

Water Element: The loving, compassionate and sensual part of us

Earth Element: It’s that part of us that make us keep doing the same thing every damn day (which needed sometimes), that can also makes us stubborn.

So the truth is, every human being have this 5 elements in them. The different is, certain people are gifted with more of certain element and less on the other element.

And this multi-characters in us happened for a reason, just like other things in the world.

Every human being is born for certain purpose and role in this life. And our body is the vehicle that can help us to fulfill that role.

Some people born to be a warrior, and some born to be an educator. With the different roles that we might have, we come in different types of body and size, as well as embody different types of character.

Imagine if an army who supposed to defend their family and country embody more water element, they wouldn’t have the heart to fulfil his duty as he has so much love for the enemy/people who might threaten them, because he see himself in his enemy.

So back again to the main issue that I would like to bring up is that, we often caught up in a situation where we tried to push aside a part of our personalities because we judge that it’s wrong to be like that.

The truth is, it's always easier to judge other people instead of recognise the flaw within ourselves.

We think that it’s wrong to be a go-getter person, so we don’t let ourselves be driven. So instead, we judge other people who are passionate about their goal as a bad thing.

We think that it’s wrong to go to party and socialise, so we don’t let ourselves to go out. So instead, we judge other people who do that as a bad person.

We think that it’s wrong to accumulate money and wealth, so we don’t let ourselves priorities our financial needs. So instead, we judge other people who making money as a bad thing.

But here's the fact: nothing is good or bad. Every being in this world has a role and purpose, and therefore we embody different characters.
So here's the simple exercise that you can do at anytime, anywhere to accept and give yourself some love.
Anytime we start to judge other people, think again. Is that particular behaviour/character/personality that we hate and judge is actually present within ourselves? Can we actually connect with the 'bad' part of us, and tell ourselves not to push it aside nor fight it, but send it some love and acceptance?
Only when we can accept our own flaws, we can give ourselves the love that it needs and be truly happy.
“We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are” ~ Anais Nin
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