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The Truth About Feeling Envious of Someone's Life

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Have you ever envied someone else's life?

Whether it's because you feel they're prettier than you, wealthier than you, have a better relationship with their lover than you, or living a better quality of life than you?

In short, have you ever felt that you're less than others?

Here's a short story that will change the way you think, and make you envy-free.

When I was in University, there was this girl that I truly admired. You can call it a girl crush, yes :)

Physically, she's not like a common Indonesian beauty standard. She doesn't have the bright white skin, in fact, the opposite, exotic brown skin. She's not a soft help-me-I'm-weak kind of girl (Asian man like that lol). In fact, she's a pretty independent and has a rebellious vibe as she always expressed her true self.

With all that quality, yes, I envied her.

On the other hand, there I was, a girl who didn't feel confident about her unique strength and beauty; a girl who wasn't able to express herself wholly, as she's afraid that people not gonna like her real self.

As I looked back, now I know the true reason on why I envied her and the lesson behind that.

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No need to focus on fitting in to be liked by others. The right people will appreciate your unique strength and beauty.

I realised that envy is a sign of what I want my life to be, and the direction that I wanna go in life.

Which is why envy can be a healthy process to self-development, ONLY if:


  1. We perform a real act to stir our life to that path that we envied from other people, and
  2. NOT ended up bad mouthing about that person. This usually happens because we doubt our own strength and think that we wouldn't be able to get what we deserve. Instead, we wanna drag that person to our misery as an act of blaming others because we're not living a life that we love.


I truly believe that all of us have the power to bring our dream life into reality. While I've found there are many ways on how to reach our dreams (depends on what kind of life that you want to create), there are a few principals that are universal to make consistent steps towards your dream life.

One of them is to surround yourself with the 'right' people. What I meant by 'right' people is the type of people who see the greatness in you, and give you the support that you need to achieve your goal.

Which is why I wrote a monthly article, where I interviewed people that I found inspiring as they live a life they love.

Once my mentor said, "If you wanna know how to create your dream life, learn how the people that you admire can be where they are."

During these interviews of inspiring people, I learnt and was reminded so much to stay on my path, and continuously evolve myself.

And if you're still finding a way to manifest your dream life, I believe these interviews can help you take another step towards your dreams.


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