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What I Eat Every Morning That Brighten Up My Day, Always.

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Before I share with you this frequently asked recipe of something that Kimmana and I always eat for breakfast, there's something important and personal that I'd like to share.

This writing below is inspired after I talked with a friend who got annoyed by someone who bad-mouths behind her back. And I think what I mentioned to her is something that's also worth to share with others.

Wouldn't it be nice to be loved and adored by everyone that knows us?

Yet at some point in life, we'll realise that it's not possible to make everyone loved us without sacrificing our personal happiness.

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I gave up with the idea to make everyone approved the things that I do. Don't like to see me in swimsuit? Simply don't look at it.


Think of it this way.

There are billions of people in this world, having their own preferences of like and dislike.

Some of them are pretty judgmental of what's right or wrong (and of course generally people wanna be right, so other things that are different to them are judged as wrong).

And some others are pretty open and considerate with other's way of life. They'll think that everything in life is both right and wrong, so there's no use to judge people especially if we don't know much about them.

Sadly, most people comes under the first category, quite judgmental of other things that are different to them.

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One of the most important lesson that I learnt from Kimmana is to not to judge others who are different to me, and accept them the way they are. Easy to say, hard to apply :)


Imagine if we need to cater everyone's preference so that they'll love us... We'll need to sacrifice what we think and feel right for us.

But the truth is, true happiness doesn't come from overly pleasing others.

It's a balance between living a life that we truly love, as well as considering only the right people's preferences​ and advice. And when I said the 'right people', it's the people who truly care, and not some who like to only bad-mouth about us.

No matter what we do, there'll always be some people who don't like the things that we do. But don't take their negative feedback personally. Because their negativity is only a reflection of them, and not who we truly are.

Because, "Those who mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind."

Now, without further due, here's the recipe for our everyday breakfast, which is no other than... PORRIDGE!

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Those strawberries are for decoration purpose only. You'll read in the blog why we don't eat it with our porridge.

Hope you enjoy it, as much as we looove our porridge!


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