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7 Seconds Mind Exercise to Invoke More Happiness

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I have a neighbour – let’s call him A - who hate and judge B, my other neighbour.

Does B hate A as well? Yes, he does. The best part, they hate each other for the same reason.

They don’t talk to each other about this issue, but they talked to me individually. A doesn’t like B because he’s not authentic, and only think about money. And does B think the same about A? Yes, he does.

This coincidence of me becoming the person that both parties talked to, was a reminder to myself (again) that we are reflection of our own world.

The thing that we judge is actually inside ourselves.

It was such a powerful moment that struck myself about how often I missed my own flaw.

How often I judged myself through judging others.

I’m also realizing that I don’t give myself enough love because I don’t accept that part of me that I don’t like because I think it’s bad.

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Instead of making peace with myself, I judge others because they do that 'bad' thing.

The truth is, it’s always simpler and easier to judge others for their flaws, instead of looking and reflecting on our inner world.

We think that it’s wrong to be a go-getter person, so we don’t let ourselves be driven. But instead, we judge other people who are passionate about their goal as a bad thing.

We think that it’s wrong to go to party and socialise, so we don’t let ourselves to relax and enjoy our life. But instead, we judge other people who do that as a bad person.

We think that it’s wrong to accumulate money and wealth, so we don’t let ourselves priorities our financial needs. But instead, we judge other people who are making money as a bad thing.

But here's the fact: nothing is good or bad. Every being in this world has a role and purpose, and therefore we embody different characters within ourselves to support that role.

So what's the key to be truly happy?

Accept every part of ourselves, good or bad, by not judging others.

We would never understand someone else life until we stand on their shoes.

Anytime we start to judge other people, think again. Is that particular behaviour/character/personality that we hate and judge is actually present within ourselves? Can we actually connect with the 'bad' part of us, and tell ourselves not to push it aside nor fight it, but send it some love and acceptance?

Only when we can accept our own flaws, we can give ourselves the love that it needs and be truly happy.

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I hope you don't judge me that I'm crazy just because I danced with a naked statue :)

“We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are” ~ Anais Nin

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