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One Thing the Society Taught You Wrong That Leads to Our Extinction

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From stealing trade secrets (medicine formula, blue print of a technology, food recipe), racing to get the most sales, and even as simple as get the highest mark at school, we are so conditioned to compete with other human being.

The World's Greatest Rivalries

Coke Cola vs. Pepsi

Ford vs. GM

Thomas Edison vs. Nikola Tesla

Nike vs. Reebok

Bill Gates vs. Steve Jobs

Airbus vs. Boeing

McDonald vs. Burger King

Procter and Gamble vs. Unilever

Visa vs. Master Card

Ferrari vs. Lamborghini

Fender vs. Gibson

Canon vs. Nikon

Sony Play Station vs. Nintendo

Marvel Comics vs. Dc Comics

BMW vs. Mercedes Benz

Pharmaceutical Company vs. Jamu Company

These are just some examples on the world’s greatest business rivalries that we’ve known of.

Interconnectedness of the World

In the global world that we have now where everything interconnected like never before, many of us see it as a challenge to compete even more.

Society believes that our rival isn’t only people who live in the same area, same city, or same country, but we now got competitor from all over the world. And the bad news is, some nations are more advance in some areas while other nations is still occupied on basic necessities like finding the source of fresh water.

It gets even ‘exciting’ because our society also adore the high achiever, and not the laborer. Many of us adjust to feel appreciated when we achieve something ‘good’, we adore the bosses and leaders, but not the helper nor cleaning service guy.

Even now it’s shaped the new standard of beauty for women: the loving-nurturing-quality is out of date, as women who got abs and can achieve the things that man can also achieve is the new definition of beauty.

After a while, I find it tiring to keep pushing myself to fulfill the society expectation. Achieve, expand, and improve. What if I just want to lay low, and stay on the bed to cuddle with my lover?

Here's what we're meant to do.

We forgot that every human being has different role and purpose in this life, and the differences happened for a reason.

We’re meant to live together, work together, help each other, and support other people roles.

Nothing is better or less appreciative whether you’re an entrepreneur, a lawyer, a chef, a driver, a full-time mother, or a government staff. We are born unique and different, and the only way to live our life is to embrace it.

Forget about who’s better who’s less, forget about who can be more famous and more materially successful, the issue now is, how can we still live and sustain our live here, on earth.

Although yes, stealing your formula/blue print/recipe is another issue. But if your work is something that you believe will bring more happiness, balance, and peace into this world, isn’t it better to have more people doing the same thing and reach more soul? Rather than keeping it small and it’s only you vs. the world?

The choice now is whether we want to do it together where we need to support each other, or we can’t reach the destination at all.

Peace, Love, and Collaboration,
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