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My Ups and Downs on Figuring out My Purpose in Life

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What is your biggest desire and goal in life that (might) make you feel overwhelmed because you wonder how you can possibly achieve that?
Few days a go, a friend of mine asked me a question: "What is your life purpose?"
That wasn't the first time I share about my life purpose to people, but I realised that I never wrote that down and weave it into a story. I guess that would be a handy thing to do: when someone ask me the same question again, I will head them over to this page :)
Get a popcorn, because you will ride a story :)
How It All Started
Since I was little, I always wanted to help people and explore the world, experiencing the unknown culture in foreign land, and most importantly, when I lay down on my bed, dying in the future, I have no regret of not contributing to humanity and didn't explore the beauty that world has to offer. 
Unfortunately, I don't come from a rich family that can help me to achieve my dream. As some of you might already know, for Indonesian financial standard, you need to be 'rich' rich to be able to travel the world: from flight expense, visa requirement, and the living cost that is much higher that the standard in developing country like Indonesia. Traveling the world is one luxurious thing.
I often found myself feeling envy with people who can travel abroad with their family for holiday, while my family and I even rarely went out for dinner together.
Therefore, I came across with the idea of pursuing career as Diplomat, as at that time, I found that's the only way for me to travel the world for free :)
Pivot Moment
As someone who has a strong will (and sometimes can be considered as stubborn), I plan my stepping stones towards my dream.
I learnt French which will be a plus point for my CV; I enrolled in International Law School so I can apply as Diplomat; I also joined AIESEC, an international student run organisation that can widen my network. Yet in my 3rd year of University, I started to felt disillusion with the idea of contributing to humanity through international diplomacy.
Don't get me wrong, I didn't mean that being a diplomat is wrong, or diplomacy is not an effective way to contribute to the world. I just felt that I can change and give impact to more lives in another way.
This shift started when I joined an NGO called Komunitas Sahabat Kota, where its main mission is to give alternative education for kids and increase their awareness with the environment that they live in.
And that's when I realised that education is the key to sustainable change.
So there I was, on my 5th year of Uni, not graduated yet, trying to figure out whether I really need to pursue and learn more about education field.
But I believe that one door will leads to the other door.
Since I don't have formal background in education field (for e.g. uni degree as teacher), the working field in education is very limited.
Yet I was lucky enough that one international holistic school in Bali, opened a job vacancy as kindergarten school teacher.
Without any hesitation, I take the chance and applied for the job.
There's no such thing as coincidence.